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Since 1985, KickingHorse Construction offers a wide array of general contractor services to clients located on the Westside of Los Angeles:

Custom Homes: Single & Multi-Family
News Construction & Remodels
Structural Repairs
Kitchen and Bathroom Projects
Tenant Improvements: Store, Offices & Restaurants


Custom Homes: Single & Multi-Family Dwellings
There is hardly anything more enjoyable than building a beautiful custom home. Maybe the day the owners get to move in. KickingHorse built their first for a wonderful family in Mar Vista, in 1989. A delightful two story Spanish Hacienda. Building custom a home offers the opportunity to pour passion and self expression into the fulfillment of dreams and to experience the true value of service to others.

New Construction & Remodels
It’s always a pleasure to create something from the ground up but equally so is the delight in refurbishing and renovating deserving structures envisioned and crafted years ago. Whether from aging or design/style adaptation and reconfiguration, remodels, renovations and additions are a very practical element of real estate ownership and pride. KickingHorse is prepared to provide for any and all possibilities.

Tenant Improvements (Stores, Offices, Food Services, Restaurants, etc.)
We make changes to office buildings, retail spaces and other commercial properties. This includes installation or relocation of interior walls or partitions, installation of trade fixtures, kitchen and product preparation requirements, floor coverings, windows, doors, and more. The cost of these changes can generally be negotiated in the lease.

Bathroom Remodeling
Our experience in bathroom remodeling allows us to provide excellent results whether we are remodeling your entire bathroom, or renovating your current look and feel, Kicking- horse Construction Services exceeds expectations and always finishes on time and on budget.

Our experienced professionals can assist you with your bathroom remodeling, whether we are creating the new look you envision or improving the feel of your current bathroom, we will do it with the utmost professionalism.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen remodeling is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Aside from basic curb appeal a kitchen makes the primary statement of quality within a home. Families want additional cabinet and counter-top space. From changing the color scheme to remodeling the layout and surface features, kitchen renovations is a desirable move for many home owners. KickingHorse Construction offers kitchen remodeling services in Venice and the surrounding metro area.

We offer design and implementation services that are on time and on budget. Our quality craftsmanship is second to none, but don’t just take our word for it – you can ask our customers directly. Call today: 310-245-1337

Structural Repairs and Seismic Preparation
For anyone living in California the experience of Earthquakes is either familiar or within time it will be.
Fortunately most of them are small and many of us pay them no heed. We all remember the big ones though, particularly if they are nearby. Northridge, January 17,1994. Additionally those living in the nearby hills are concerned with the threat of fire. And of course termites are everywhere. Broken pipes occur out of the blue. Structural damages though generally rare are still something to be prepared for. Most homeowners insure against them. KickingHorse spent 1994 and 95 doing little else but repair work. Prior to that and fortunately for some property owners we made some rather sophisticated modifications to existing buildings allowing them to survive the Northridge quake while many others suffered considerable damage. Though not currently a big part of our work, structural retrofitting and upgrading are still something we provide and of course we are ready to assist property owners in the event of any catastrophe large or small.

Additional Services
- Commercial Properties
- Landscape installations, driveways, patios, decks, fire pits, entry systems, gates and fences
- Maintenance and repairs to existing facilities
- Art Installations
- Custom interior designer features


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